Backup of things and scripts in the cloud

Recently I faced with a crash of the SD-card from my PI that’s running nymea:core.
I had to download the nymea:core image, reinstall it on my PI and now I have a brand new nymea:core, but completely empty: no things, no scripts.
I never understood the meaning of the cloud in the nymea system, but in my situation, is it possible to recover my things and scripts somewhere from the cloud?

Hi @flax1k,

nymea:cloud currently has only 2 features: Helping with establishing a remote connection (for connecting the app to your nymea when you’re not in your local network) and sending push notifications from nymea:core to nymea:app.

Following our local-first approach, nymea:cloud does not store any user information (except the login credentials required for the remote connection) and so there’s no way right now to restore your configuration from the cloud.

We’re aware that some proper backup solution is missing currently and sure want to have that at some point in the future but it’s not available right now. Sorry, I’m afraid you’ll have to reconfigure stuff. Once done, you can manually backup all the configs by saving the entire contents of /etc/nymea/ and /var/lib/nymea/.

One other thing: How to restore?

Just run the Nymea image and after setup copy the directories back to the system and reboot?



Yes, that should work.

I’d recommend to stop nymead while copying the files to avoid any conflicts.

sudo systemctl stop nymead
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Worked like a charm …

Still have to add some plugins of course and do some fine tuning, but the majority is there!