Backup and restore

It has been told to backup your nymea system you need to backup /etc/nymea/ and /var/lib/nymea/

I did just that, and re-did a system with the new image.

If i just untar those files back to the new system, it wont connect to nymead anymore.



hmm… that normally still should be enough… Are you sure you didn’t accidentally unpack them in a different location (e.g. a subfolder too much or so)?

Also, did you restart after restoring the backup?

And as last, check the logs please. If something is not working altogether, normally nymea will print warnings in the logs.

Actually, it wasnt the restore that was stopping it from connecting. I just built it now and didnt restore…just added a few things and its doing the same thing.

Ill send you a private msg if you want to take a look to find the possible bug?


Indeed you’ve been hitting a bug, a rather unlucky one… The energy experience plugin (the one that creates the nice energy charts) had a bug that it would lock up when nymea was not running over a backwards daylight saving time switch (re-sampling the lost logs during the off-time would get stuck in the extra hour of the DST change).

This bug is the reason why we’ve release nymea 1.5.1 three hours ago.

Figured i found one. I was thinking it was me until around midnight last night when i tried just setting it up without restore.

So i copied /var/lib/nymea and /etc/nymea and it all magicly came back. Weirly though a bunch of kasa smart plugs and switches arent able to connect now. Ill try to figure this out.


I normally say theres no such thing as coincidences, but turns out the connection issue was one. Someone close was DOMINATING wifi channel 6, once i changed it, everything came back up.

NYMEA is awesome, so powerful.


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