Avea Light Bulbs


Is there an Avea Light Bulb Plugin?
I do own some of those BT LE Bulbs.

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Hi Simon,

There is a plugin for elgato, it supports avea light bulbs and is part of the standard plugin collection. You can install it using

sudo apt-get install nymea-plugin-elgato


Hi Simon,

The plugin was updated and should work now.

Somehow, the bulb closes the connection after ~30 seconds. Maybe I’m still missing somehow a keep alive message, continuous traffic did not solve the disconnect issue. Nymea does auto reconnect , but you can switch the bulb only during the connection time. I still need to investigate in this issue, since this does not happen with the official app. I have some hci dumps from the app, but not evaluated yet.


nymea-plugin-elgato (0.2.0+201803122126~29e3a77~xenial)
shows that problem


when I move the slider.


The new plugin containing the fix was released with the build nymea-plugin-elgato 0.2.0+201803191113~c97756e~. If you update to the newest version this issue should be fixed. :slight_smile:


Hi! Got it! Thank you - it works!! :slight_smile:
Can you drop the hci dumps from the app here? Maybe me or another one is willing to seek for the issue?
But: Avea is not yet recognized as a [light source] by nymea?


Yes, that is still missing because the lighting interface requires also the colour temperature slider, which must be emulated, since the api does not provide it natively. Finding a nice value range for white light (cold warm) is actually not that easy :slight_smile:
I’m working on a solution for that.