Auto logon to app

Is it possible to enable autologon via ssh to the app when connected to a monitor? I’m in a remote location and forgot to pack a usb keyboard for the weekend :grinning:

I’m not sure I understand the question :slight_smile: Please describe the setup better. On what device is nymea:core running, where is nymea:app running? Why would you need SSH without keyboard?

Thank you for the quick response. Nymea 1.0 image with core and app installed in rpi3 (the kiosk image) The desired result is to autologon and present the default dashboard without interaction. I was questioning it is possible to achieve this trough changing some config file using ssh and bypass log in screen.

Hmm, the app should not ask you for the login on every start. In fact, it should always remember the login. Is that not working for you and it asks every time?

You may be able to achieve what you are looking for by editing /etc/nymea/nymead.conf finding the [TcpServer] section and setting default\authenticationEnabled=false and restarting nymea. Note that this will allow connecting to it from the local network without login.

Thanks again - so it will remember the interactive login as the mobile app - I will try editing the .conf file jut to see the results and bring a keyboard along the next time😀 Maybe a view only mode as an option could be useful (to present status in non interactive situations). In my case, I want the family members to be able to switch the tv source to hdmi2 and see in real time how much load can they add to consume only solar power.

You can add users for your family members with limited permissions. However, user settings will not be available when authentication is disabled via the configuration file.

To be honest I’m still not sure what the problem with the login is. Does the setup only have a Display but no input devices at all? No mouse, no touchscreen, no keyboard?

That is correct - the pi is just wired network and hdmi connected. This is not a problem. I just need to bring a keyboard to configure the user login.

Ok, now I get it… Well, you can also preconfigure it. It really should be keeping the login. Still, for the first time setup I’d probably bring a keyboard too, just to be on the safe side.

So yes, set up an admin login and connect to it with your smartphone. Then enable the remote connection so you can manage the setup later on from everywhere. Then add a user with lower permissions for your family members. Log out on the display on the rpi directly (main menu → wrench → X) and then log in again (skip the network setup) with the lower privileged user.
From that point on you should be able to reboot the rpi and it should always come back up with the lower privileged auto-login, while your smartphone would stay logged in as admin.

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