Atag One Smart thermostat plugin

Hi there,

I am new to the forum and to Nymea. I’m running Nymea on a pi and I’m already loving it!
I’ve got a couple of things connected such as my Philips Hue lights.

Now I would like to connect my smart thermostat as well. It’s called the ATAG ONE and I did find a githubpage with some information on the communication with this Thermostat:

I’ve got zero to none programming skills so my question is:

Is somebody out there who could help me or get met started on making a plugin for this thermostat?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forum Dealph,

great to hear that you love nymea. Can you tell me more about your nymea setup?
I’m just curious what kind of devices you have, besides the Hue.

I’ll have a look at the ATAG ONE API and will get back to you the next days.


Thanks for reaching out!

As for the devices, I have some sonoff switches connected, nothing more.
But this thermostat plugin would be very convenient for me!

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Started to write the required plug-in. You can track the progress here.

I have no device to test, so I need your support to test the plug-in and report issues that are likely to come up. We will add the plug-in to the experimental release, you’ll need to change the nymea update channel to experimental and install the Atag plug-in. The first release to experimental will take couple of weeks.


Hi @bernhard.trinnes,

I’m very curious on the progress,
please let me know when I can test something!


I had some time to continue the development of the Atag One integration plug-in,
but sadly without the actual device in to work with I won’t be able to finish the plug-in.

So either you can send me somehow a test device for the time of development, or I need to abandon the plug-in.


ah, that’s sad… I just checked but they are rather expensive… Too expensive to just buy one solely for development purposes…

Perhaps we could think of a way to provide access to it?

Also @bernhard.trinnes, the already existing attempt, is that too far away to allow @Dealph testing it somehow and provide logs? I could sure add it to experimental which we hadn’t done so far.

I will be happy to help/test in any way possible!