App Cloud Login

Hi , I’m using Nymea everyday and works great !
I would like to ask please why the app takes long time to login when my phone is connected to WiFi but can connect very fast when my phone use data from SIM Card. It looks like trying to find a Nymea core in the local network when the phone is connected to WiFi .This is a problem when the WiFi is in another network and everytime I have to go to app settings -cloud login and click on the nymea system available in the cloud or I have to close the WiFi.
Thank you !

Strange. When a remote connection is configured, it should always try to connect to that too, regardless if there is a wifi connection or not. The first successful connection wins and the others are discarded again.

Sounds like you may be hitting a bug… Can you please go to app settings → developer tools and enable logging for the “NymeaConnection” category. Then reproduce the problem a couple of times and send us the log somehow (PM would work)

ok I will try and let you know . Thank you !