Apache incompatibility with Nymea Diagonistics

In attempting to get more diagnostics I tripped across an incompatibility in software. I run apache2 with multiple web applications being provided. I turned on Nymea diagonistics but could never connect on the web interface. To get a connection, I had to stop Apache2, restart Nymea and then I had a connection to nymea on the web service to do the dignostics. Not a major problem for me but thought I should report it. Maybe a note in the Diagnostics should state this but up to yall as this is for development and not general users.

Well, if you have your port 80 (or 443 for SSL) blocked by another service then nymea can’t listen to that.

What you can do, is to enter System Settings -> Webserver and change the ports there. For example set it to port 8080 or any other port that’s free. Then it should work.

I was originally on 8080. so I tried port 6969 just as an experiment and it came in just fine. Apparently both 80 and 8080 are both blocked by something on my system. Sorry for the deviation.

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