Alarm systems and water control


I’m new to nymea and am impressed how easy it was to get everything up and running on a Raspberry Pi 4 and as a test get a Philipps hue bridge connected. I’m moving to a new place and am planning to get everything of my home into the system for automation purposes. Does anyone have experience adding an alarm system connected to nymea? E.g. a Jablotron 100

Did someone else also integrated a water flow control system already, where you can schedule and control when and how much to water your garden or to autofill your coffee machine in the morning with fresh water to have it heated up in-time for the first coffee of the day :slight_smile:

Thanks for any hints!


I dont think anyone is currently working on an Integration for the jablotron.

For irrigation this might be a starting point for inspiration

Thanks for your response!

Any other alarm systems which are easy to integrate with nymea you know of?

Thanks for the link - That might come handy when I try to adapt the water system more based on the actual moisture of all plants, but as a first step I was thinking more about just regulating the water flow in general for the whole/parts of the garden. Maybe Gardena Bewässerungssteuerung smart Water Control Set (Husqvarna Group Cloud - Developer Portal) could be an option although it is quite pricy IMO.

And I’d love to prevent to include any cloud services because of privacy reasons so I think I’ve to look further for different solutions.