Adding plugins GPIO, one wire, genric things

Hello, new user here. I am trying to add the GPIO, generic things and one wire plugins. I haven’t been able to find any documentation on how to do this. Nothing in the Nymea dashboard seems to let me do this. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @aethelflaed-CAD,

you’re right… This is indeed missing in the docs. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ll update the docs.

I suppose the step you’re missing is how to install new plugins:

You can do that wth the app, by enterring System Settings -> Software Updates -> Add or remove packages.

In there you’ll find all the installed and available plugins. Please note that at this point a restart of nymea is required after installing a plugin.

Another option would be to ssh into the system and using apt-get to install plugins as one installs other packages on Raspbian.

Is it that what you’re looking for?

Hi mzanetti,

thanks for the instructions, that did the trick. I’ve successfully added the plugins. If you want some help with documentation and instructions let me know, I can’t really code but I can make user level documents.

Hi @aethelflaed-CAD

In the meantime I’ve added a bit to the docs about this:

Thanks again for the feedback.

You’re welcome to help out with the user docs. There’s so much more there could be added. If there’s something you think that would make sense adding, you can add it here:
Once done, create a pull request on github.