Adding Multiple Shelly 1 relays

I have multiple Shelly 1 switches connected to devices in my workshop (Turn on monitors, air assist, exhaust fan, lights in laser CNC, etc.) which I control via the shelly app on my iphone.

I have been looking at adding Nymea to the RPI3 with display that has been sitting on my desk unused for a while. My goal would be to have the various buttons on 1 page to turn on/off each Shelly 1 switch. Is this possible? Any tips/suggestions/roadblocks/etc for this project?

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to getting involved in the community.

Hi @ehamill, welcome to nymea!

Yes, this is possible. Should be really straight forward actually. Just install the nymea image on the RPi and you can configure this completely from the UI. I guess right now what you want is to mark all the devices you want to operate on that page as favorite and you’ll get them all there on the favorites view. We’re also working on a more customizable dashboard view in the app which would allow you to configure it even more to your liking.

Let us know how it’s going.


Thanks for the quick reply… Got it all working great! (and then I crashed my rpi and have to start over - my fault, not nymea related)

Looking forward to expanding my smart applications!

thanks again.