Access Point mode doesn't come up

I want to configure Raspberry 2W with BerryLan in Access Point mode.Standalone, no other network connections. OS build is 2022-08-30-berrylan-bullseye-lite.
In /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections a file ‘Aptest.nmconnection’ has been automatically created. But to activate this configuration, I either had to reboot or recycle the NetworkManager service before I can connect to (testclient is iPhone 12 / iOS 16).
Is there a way to get the Access Point mode automatically started after initial setup without restarting the services manually?
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Hmm. strange. I’ve just tested this with exactly this image and it works fine for me…

I did some further testing with image experimental 2022-09-23-berrylan-bullseye-lite.
You are somewhat right. If you setup the access point just with SSID and password, BerryLan App states “CONNECTED, Access Point Name: ‘SSID’” → [Close Access Point]
Just at this moment, the SSID is there and you can connect to.
But, if you follow the App and tick [Close Access Point], the SSID will stop working until you start services again.
Maybe, this is wanted by design? Perhaps you should present two buttons: [Close App - AP will keep running] and [Close AP and stop AP] just to clearify?