A few thing ideas

Hello everyone, i hope you’re all well in these times.

I recently had a few ideas that i would love to see on nymea :slight_smile: i actually don’t know if something like that already exists or how difficult it is to develop…

-Fist i would love to have a simple plugin with a PIN login (for alarm deactivation when coming home for example) with the states login success, login failed and and login count.

-Second, is there a way to playback local audiofiles (in the background)? My idea was to make to raspberry talk when something specific happens (the countdown to enter the PIN before the alarm goes off for example :smiley:)

These are just ideas, i’m very happy with Nymea with the available things anyway.

Have a good week!

Hey Deimos,

Thanks for the input.

For the PIN stuff I’d need to think how such a thing would fit into nymea… Can you give me more input how you’re intending to set this up? I assume you’ve got a Raspberry PI with a touch screen somewhere in your home which would be used to disable the alarm?

You can play back local audio files with the commandlauncher plugin… Check out the documentation for it here: https://github.com/nymea/nymea-plugins/blob/master/commandlauncher/README.md
there is even an example on how to use espeak which might come in handy for you use case to speak the countdown.

Great!! I think the commandlauncher is what i’m looking for.
Is it a plugin per se or is it just like a library to use when scripting? I’ve installed the lastest version of it but somehow i can’t find it :confused:

It’s a plugin, but IIRC it’s not pre-installed. Check system settings, updates, add/remove software to install it. Currently it requires a restart after installing a plugin.

Also, probably you need to install espeak manually… You’d need to ssh into the system for that tho…

Oh i found it. I used the search query for command launcher instead of application :smiley: sorry for disturbing you for such things.

Now i will set up my speaking home :slight_smile:

Have fun.

And regarding the PIN entry… When you have some time, please let me know exactly what you’re intending to do. I’m afraid there is no such thing at the moment, but if I understand the requirements we might add something in the future.

Oh yes,
I think about a pin entry panel (just software based on nymea surface, as a thing) to enter a 4 or 6 digit Pin and a reset and apply button. It must be on the top of all other things, so you have to first enter the pin to modify rules for example…
With a correct and false login you can trigger events :slight_smile:

The hardest thing may be the roles…

Ok. Thanks. Understood. Atm this would only be possible with quite some dirty scripting work, like for instance running a desktop environment around nymea app which would lock the screen. And hook into that to trigger events in nymea in some way (e.g. Local host udp packets or something).

but I agree it would make sense to have such a feature. Maybe in the future we’ll add it.

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Oh yes i think i can see the difficulty… Maybe i will set up a second panel with some own php or javascript login screen to trigger or deactivate the alarm system on the inside, that will do the job for the moment :slight_smile: